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pod·​cast | \ ˈpäd-ˌkast  \

Definition of podcast


a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet

Podcasts are an entertaining way to spend time at home, on the road , while relaxing or doing chores. This is an engaging way to spend some no-screen time by your self or as a whole family.  I hope you enjoy some of these.  The favorites in my household are But Why, Circle Round, Ear Snacks and Spoil the Rock Spare the Child.

If you have any suggestions to add to this list let me know!

Happy listening,

Ms. Chevalier

For The Whole Family

But Why logo

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids
Kids are always asking seemingly simple questions that have surprisingly complex answers, such as "Why is the sky blue?" and "Who invented words?" This cute biweekly radio show/podcast takes on answering them. Each episode features several kid-submitted questions, usually on a single theme, and with the help of experts, it gives clear, interesting answers. Best for: All ages

Smash Boom Best logoSmash, Boom, Best
This fun and fast-moving spin-off of the popular Brains On! podcast is a family-friendly debate podcast. A kid judge listens to and scores the rousing, fact-based arguments of two contestants. With episodes like "Dragons versus Unicorns" and "Pizza versus Tacos," kids will be hooked, and they won't even notice that they're learning how to defend their ideas along the way. Best for: Big kids

The Two Princes logoThe Two Princes
This charming fantasy adventure will have listeners of all ages glued to the speakers until the very end. Two young princes seek to save their kingdoms and in the process face villany, dragons, romance, and a magical forest full of danger. Though kissing happens, it is treated with sweetness and humor. A fairy tale for our times, this audio drama is a great introduction to the world of fiction podcasts. Best for: Tweens

Best Podcasts of Music Fans

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child logoSpare the Rock, Spoil the Child
Families can enjoy rock and roll without the downsides with this fun radio show/podcast. Each week there's a new playlist combining kids' music from artists such as They Might Be Giants, with kid-appropriate songs from artists that grown-ups will recognize, such as Elvis CostelloThe Ramones, and John Legend. It's a perfect compromise for parents tired of cheesy kids' music. Best for: Kids

Noodle Loaf logoNoodle Loaf
A delightful offering from a music education specialist and his co-host daughter will get kids of all ages singing, rhyming, moving, and engaging in all kinds of musical games. The segments, games, and songs are so silly and upbeat that the whole family will enjoy participating. Little listeners can even add their voice to the theme song in the podcast's electronically compiled kid's choir! Best for: All ages

Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl logoSaturday Morning Cereal Bowl
Kids' music can be … well, annoying. But "kindie rock" (aka, indie rock for kids) is here to help. This two-hour podcast styled like a DJ radio show features new and old songs that kids will love, many by parents' favorite musicians. Selections are generally high-energy rock, folk, or even punk-inspired songs, but listeners will also hear mellower tunes, as well as bilingual (English/Spanish) songs and hip-hop hits for a well-rounded musical experience. Best for: All ages


National Parks

America's National Parks 

Explore our nation’s treasures — our National Parks — their history, their people, and their stories. From Denali, the tallest mountain peak, to Death Valley’s Badwater Basin, 282 feet below sea level. Nearly 90 million acres of land and the 20,000 rangers and 246,000 volunteers that protect it all at over 400 individual National Park Service units.

Everybody's National Parks

is a podcast dedicated to family adventure in our national parks. We aim to inspire, inform, and provide guidance and insight to help families and visitors get the most out of their park experience.


 Podcasts with Park Rangers




Hello and welcome to Switchbacks, a travel podcast where we reflect on our year visiting all 59 National Parks across the U.S. We discuss our impressions and secrets for each National Park, our top ten lists, interviews with other Park Nuts and general travel tips. So whether you’re a lifelong park lover or planning a visit for your next family road trip, we’re here to give you the scoop on America’s Best Idea.

Great For Learning

Ear Snacks logoEar Snacks
The catchy soundtrack is the star in this delightful podcast from children's music duo Andrew & Polly (not surprising since the hosts have created songs for Wallykazam! and Sesame Studios). But this funny program also covers a range of topics by talking to actual kids as well as experts, providing thoughtful fun for young ones and their grown-ups. Best for: Preschoolers and little kids

KidNuz logoKiDNuZ
Kids like to be informed and engaged, but talking to kids about the news can be a challenge. This podcast, created by moms who are broadcast journalists, offers young listeners five minutes of kid-friendly news (followed by a quick quiz) each day, five days a week. Perfectly timed for waking up, KiDNuz lets you start the day off on a worldy note. Best for: All ages

The Past & the Curious logoThe Past & the Curious
Reminiscent of the TV show Drunk History (minus the alcohol), this amusing podcast features people telling interesting, little-known stories from history with an emphasis on fun and humor. Although it's not specifically a music podcast, each episode contains an often-silly song that's sure to get stuck in your head. There's even a quiz segment, so kids will learn something, too. Best for: All ages

Best Story Podcasts

Circle RoundCircle Round
 Created and produced by parents of young children. WBRU's Circle Round adapts carefully selected folktales from around the world into sound and music rich radio plays for kids.  Each 10-20 minute episode explores important issues like kindness, persistence and generosity.  And each episode ends with an activity that inspires a deeper conversation between children and their grown-ups. 

Story Pirates

The Story Pirates believe that kids are creative geniuses. All of them. This group of  comedians, musicians, best-selling authors and incredible teachers create content that celebrates the imaginations of kids the imaginations of kids. This podcast  featuring songs and sketches based on stories written by kids, their special guests include top talent like Billy Eichner, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dax Shepard, Bowen Yang, Claire Danes, John Oliver, and Lake Bell.

Best Podcasts for Scientific Minds

Wow in the World logoWow in the World
NPR's first show for kids is exactly the sort of engaging, well-produced content you would expect from the leaders in radio and audio series. Hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas exude joy and curiosity while discussing the latest news in science and technology in a way that's enjoyable for kids and informative for grown-ups. Best for: All ages

Brains On logoBrains On
Similar to But Why, this is another radio show/podcast that takes kid-submitted science questions and answers them with the help of experts. What makes this one different is it tends to skew a bit older, both in its questions and answers, and it has a different kid co-host each week. The result is a fun show that's as silly as it is educational. Best for: Kids and tweens

Tumble logoTumble
Often compared to a kid-friendly Radiolab, this podcast not only addresses fascinating topics but also tries to foster a love of science itself by interviewing scientists about their process and discoveries. The hosts don't assume that listeners have a science background -- but even kids who think they don't like science may change their minds after listening to this podcast. Best for: Kids and tweens

Best Bedtime Podcasts

Bedtime Explorers 

Slow down and snuggle down with Kinderling's relaxing meditation series, specially designed to soothe kids to sleep. Join mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, as she guides kids on wonderful, imaginative journeys to magical places, visiting animals with super powers, and meeting up with some very friendly dinosaurs. 

Story Time logoStory Time
These 10- to 15-minute stories are a perfect way to lull your little one to sleep. The podcast is updated every other week, and each episode contains a kid-friendly story, read by a soothing narrator. Short and sweet, it's as comforting as listening to your favorite picture book read aloud. Best for: Preschoolers and little kids

Be Calm on Ahway Island logoBe Calm on Ahway Island
Thanks to the hosts' soothing voices and a pre-story meditation, your kid might fall asleep to this podcast before the story even gets underway. But if not, the gentle adventures on Ahway Island will also sweep them off to dreamland. This podcast teaches kid-friendly mindfulness practices like "deep dragon breaths" that can be carried into waking life as well. Best for: All ages

Best Road Trip Podcasts

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian
This serialized podcast tells the story of an 8-year-old boy living on an interplanetary space station who explores the galaxy and solves mysteries with his friends. With no violence or edgy content and with two seasons totaling over 13 hours of content, this sci-fi adventure is perfect for long car rides. Best for: Kids and tweens

Flyest Fables logoFlyest Fables 
In the tradition of The NeverEnding Storythis original fable centers on a magical book that takes its readers to a world where they find the strength to overcome any obstacle. The writing itself is beautiful, and the stories are immersive. Themes can be serious (bullying, homelessness) but are handled with sensitivity and remain appropriate for kids. These powerful, modern stories are sure to entertain and provoke meaningful family conversations. Best for: Big kids and tweens

Eleanor AmplifiedEleanor Amplified
Inspired by old-timey radio shows -- complete with over-the-top sound effects -- this exciting serial podcast follows a plucky journalist who goes on adventures looking for her big scoop. Tweens will love Eleanor's wit and daring and might even pick up some great messages along the way. There's even a "Road Trip Edition" episode with the entire first season in a single audio file. Best for: Tweens

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel logoThe Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
This Peabody Award-winning scripted mystery series has been called a Stranger Things for tweens. With a voice cast of actual middle schoolers, a gripping, suspenseful plot, and interactive tie-ins, this story about an 11-year-old searching for his missing friends will keep tweens hooked to the speakers for hours -- more than five, to be exact. Best for: Tweens

Podcasts about amazing people

Rebel Podcast

The Podcast is a fairy tale audio adventure about extraordinary real-life women throughout history. Based on the bestselling book series, episodes are narrated by renowned innovators, creators, leaders, and champions of the Rebel Girls community. Tune in to experience an inspiring spectrum of female excellence.

A Beginners Guide to Podcasting

New to Podcasting?

Here's an article from Common Sense Media: Parents' Guide to Podcasts.

VPR put out a great infographich for how to understanding podcasts, which you fill find below.

If you need any other help getting started using podcasts please stop by the library on a Wednesday or Thursday.  I'd love to help!



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions  

I still don't get the difference between subscribing, streaming and downloading?

Think of subscribing to a podcast like subscribing to a magazine, but for free: The newest episodes will be delivered right to your device when they're available.

If you prefer to listen to individual episodes of a bunch of different podcasts, you can pick and choose episodes based on your interests. If you're at home or somewhere with a good wireless connection or cell service, you can stream your episode of choice — like watching a show on Netflix.

If you're going to be commuting, traveling or just heading outside for some fresh air, it probably makes more sense for you to download the episode to your device ahead of time, like borrowing a book from the library. Once the episode is downloaded on your device, you can listen on-the-go without being connected to the internet.

So why is it called a podcast?

Podcasts began gaining popularity more than 10 years ago, as iPods grew in popularity. The word "podcast" is combination of "iPod" and "broadcast," which reflects the way listeners would download these broadcasts from the web and listen to them on a mobile device. 

How do I listen to podcasts?

It can be daunting for a first-timer to enter the world of podcasts, but digital tools have made it easier than ever to start listening. Podcasts are available to stream online or with a "podcatcher," an app you can download specifically for podcasts. Here are some popular options for listening:

  • Apple Podcasts. The original podcast app (only available for Apple iOS).
  • Google PodcastsGoogle's free podcast app for Android users.
  • Kids Listen. An online service that features kid-friendly podcasts.
  • Pocket Casts. A mobile app with a sleek, easy-to-use interface.
  • SoundCloud. An online audio-streaming platform for podcasts as well as music (also an app).
  • Spotify. The music-streaming platform has a whole dedicated section for podcasts.
  • Stitcher. "Stitch" together custom podcast playlists with this mobile app.
  • Find plenty more on our list of Podcast and Audio Apps

Many of these apps also have associated skills or programs for smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home, so listening can be as easy as asking Alexa.