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Wednesday's Book


Did you miss the read aloud at 10am? No problem. 

1. Listen to this read aloud

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Counting on Katherine

Misunderstood Shark

Julian is a Mermaid

Wall In The Middle Of The Book

The Day You Begin

Hawk Rising

Potato Pants

Friends and Foes

What to do with a problem

The Giving Tree

Read Aloud


We Are In A Book!

The Day the Crayon's did something!

Pigeon has to go to school

What If

Lily Brown's Painting

Read Aloud

Be A Maker

How To Be A Cat

What should Ms. Chevalier read next?

Book Wish List


Every day I will be reading a book to you in the virtual world. I can't wait to read to you in person. 

I miss your thoughts, comments, correcting my reading errors, eye rolls and giggles. In the meantime:

 please tell me what book you want me to read next 

by filling out the form below. 

Happy listening!

Ms. Chevalier